Briefing Melbourne: 26 June – 2 July

Monday 26 June – Sunday 2 July

In Focus

Old Treasury Building

The Old Treasury Building is located on Spring Street at the top of Collins Street.  Built 1862, it housed the gold bullion during the Gold Rush in underground vaults. Visiting this historic building, you will see panoramic images of Melbourne from the earliest days of colonisation in Melbourne: Foundations of a City and learn about the journey of the gold from the gold fields in the gold vaults.

Old Treasury Building is open 10am – 4pm, daily (closed Saturdays) and has free entry

There are currently two temporary exhibitions at the Old Treasury Building:

Behind the Lines 2016

Most people would agree, 2016 was a big year. From double-dissolutions to the census, Trump to Brexit, the Australian political landscape was influenced by events both home and abroad. This exhibition captures the skepticism, passion and humour of 2016 through our nations cartoonists.

Exhibition open until 25 August 2017.

Wild Colonial Boys

There is more to bushrangers than the Ned Kelly Gang. Wild Colonial Boys explores the stories of Melbourne’s first bushrangers in in the 1840’s, the publicly executed gang who worked along St Kilda Road and shows records and artefacts from the era.

Exhibition open until 13 August 2017.


Wallace & Gromit and Friends

Wander among Wallace’s cracking contraptions along with over 50 authentic film sets, including Gromit’s famous vegetable garden, city streets from Shaun the Sheep the Movie, the flying machine from Chicken Run and the spectacular five-metre tall ship from The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Where: ACMI, Federation Square

Times: 10am – 5pm, Opening Thursday 29 June – 29 October

Tickets: $24 Adult, $20 Concession, $15 Child (4-15), $65 Family

The Big Bowel Tour

Venture through a free 7m inflatable human bowel to view your insides on a larger-than-life scale. During the self-guided tour you will see what bowel conditions really look like up close – healthy tissue, pre-cancerous polyps, advanced polyps, bowel cancer, malignant tumours, severe colitis, diverticulitis, mild colitis and Crohns disease.

Where: Federation Square

Times: 11am – 2pm, Friday 30 June


Rare Book Week

With 60 free events across Melbourne in libraries, bookshops and historic buildings, Rare Book Week celebrates a love of the written word.

When: Friday 30 June – Sunday 9 July

Featured: The Magic of the Arts

This free half-day seminar explores the State Library’s Art Collection. The seminar will include guest speakers who are experts in their field, which include books, ephemera, musical stores, exhibition catalogues and much more.

Where: State Library of Victoria

Times: 1:30pm – 4pm, Saturday 1 July

Booking: free, registration essential

For the Weekend

Docklands Firelight Festival

This free festival will have fire breathing performers, dancers, musicians and fireworks, with food trucks and bars. Perfect for all ages.

Where: Newquay Promenade, Docklands

Times: 5pm – 9pm, Friday 30 June – Sunday 2 July

Conversations and Education

Free Public Lectures

Do you ever feel that you would like to learn something new, consolidate ideas you already know or be challenged to question your opinions? Melbourne University offer regular free public lectures across the Parkville campus on topics from food consumption to current affairs.

If you are really lucky, you might even get wine and cheese after the talk (I am not sure if this happens every time but it did when I went).

Docklands Winter Glow Festival

All throughout winter there will be a combination of talks, workshops and progressive dinners at Docklands. Learn the subtle art of hot chocolate, hear the challenges of fast fashion and discuss the future of food.

Featured: Winter Glow Talks: Father Bob Maguire

Taking to the stage to share his inspiring journey to become, what he describes as’ the larrikin priest… patron saint of the unloved and unlovely‘, Father Bob will entertain and engage, sharing stories of his work with the marginalised and disenfranchised through Open Family and Father Bob Foundation.

Where: Library at the Dock, Docklands

Times: 5:45pm – 6:45pm, Tuesday 4 July

Booking: Free, registration online

Self-Guided Melbourne

The streets of Melbourne are filled with hidden surprises. The Melbourne City Council has produced a series of walks to discover beautiful old buildings, find the best cafes and explore the green spaces across the city. The newest walk takes you to the iconic music venues of Melbourne including Hamer Hall, Cherry Bar, Boney and The Town Hall.

You can also collect free hard copies of these brochures in the Melbourne Visitor Centre in Federation Square and Melbourne Visitor Booth in the Bourke Street Mall.

Melbourne Facts

Today, we take for granted that public toilets are available in shops, cafes and train stations. It’s not really something we have to worry about when spending the day in the city. Yet public restrooms were not always so easily accessible in Melbourne.

Until 1900, the only areas to relieve oneself was mens urinals or quiet laneways. Following the establishment shopping precincts such as Royal Arcade and Block Arcade, designed for women in their finery to ‘do the block’, woman began campaigning for the right to a public restroom.

The introduction of underground bathrooms meant that women could relieve themselves with their dignity intact and kept the gutters clear.

The first public toilet for both men and women was opened in 1902 on the corner of Russell and Bourke Streets. This particular underground bathroom is now filled with concrete but there is still a few underground toilets across the city, including on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth outside the GPO.

Following on from requests last week – I will add a kids and family section next week for the Victorian School Holidays. 
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